Monday, March 26, 2012

Prepping for Palm Sunday

The donkeys are coming back to St. Matthew's! Yesterday, the children were excited to rehearse for next week's Palm Sunday celebration. I'll be honest; they were excited just to be outside, but we did rehearse. Here's the plan for next week:

The children will lead the procession out of the church and onto the driveway, where Reverend Derek will bless the palms. Our Hosanna path will be along the front of the church, from the east doors to the entrance on the West side, with the children handing out palm crosses to the congregation who will line each side of the driveway. We are praying for more good weather, as our rehearsal went very well today.

Following our trial run, the children selected their costumes (we have plenty of extras for anyone who wasn't there yesterday), and the Youth Group girls scooted off to the kitchen where they made cheese biscuits for their April open house.

Evidently, the aroma of fresh biscuits was too much for some members of the Outreach Committee who commandeered them for their fundraiser. Oh well, back to the floured cutting board.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone next week for Palm Sunday—one of my favourite days of the year—but this year I’m especially excited about seeing the donkeys.

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