Sunday, April 15, 2012

Remembering Emily Dickinson and Andrew Svoboda

Toronto's Walmer Road Baptist Church was the perfect venue yesterday for a concert by organist Imre Olah and Soprano Ardra Shephard, who performed (among other pieces) Andrew Svoboda's choral composition of Emily Dickinson's famous poem, My Life Closed Twice.

The church's accommodation for parents with small children couldn't be more comfortable, although I would caution parents to avoid sitting under the curled strips of peeling paint that add charm to such an old building.
Staircase leading to the curved balcony
The sanctuary with all of its curved wood provided perfect acoustics, which even the baby enjoyed for a full two hours. The organ concert was outstanding. We alternated between playing with the baby on the floor and sinking into the soft leather couch at the back by the doors.

I recommend you check out this church even if there isn't a concert going on (they are held twice yearly), the interior of this beautiful old building deserves to be seen, maintained, and utilized.

And wouldn't it be an ideal location for a historic fashion exhibit? As I looked around, I couldn't help but remember the days when such a church would be filled weekly (balcony and all) with ladies and gentlemen in their Sunday best. And ooohh, the hats!

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